At Carolina Dent Pro the 5 Star Experience is standard! Attention to detail is our constant goal. Every customer we have the fortune to serve will know just how much we care about the quality of our results.

Below you find just a few of the many 5 star reviews of Carolina Dent Pro. You can feel confident that you’ll experience the same level of amazing customer service.


Get to know T.C. Martindale

owner of Carolina Dent Pro

“TC was friendly and super helpful. Thanks for a quick painless experience.” 

— Carrie 

“Outstandingly good, cannot tell there was ever a dent there.”

— Chase 

“TC repaired the dent quickly and the result was perfect! Could not be happier with his service and professionalism. If you need a dent repair of any kind I would 100% recommend him.”

— Mark

“Great repair job in efficient time. Would never know there was ever a dent before. Good price.”

— Wesley

“Profession expertise”

— Micheal

“My 2006 car looks brand new. You guys did a great job. I’m very happy.”

— Dwight

“Super friendly, awesome quality and honest opinion. You guys are awesome.”

— Unknown

“Excellent workmanship”

— Unknown

“Great customer service. Great work.”

— Susan Pettis

“Nice friendly people that did a great job on time and in budget. Highly recommended”

— Gary Rita McConnell

“A lot of Paintless Dent Removal guys can fix issues 90% of the way, however, it’s the PROS that can get that last 10% dialed in. I’ve had work done by many different guys over the years, however, TC and crew are in my opinion the very best in the business. It’s nice to go to a legitimate brick and mortar business and drop my car off with no worries. I’m blown away with the results. I’m an instant customer for life.”

— Eric Norris

“Fantastic craftsmanship and quick turn around!”

— John Foster

“TC hands down saved the car. Over 450 large acorn dents spread over the car. Taking his time (which is ridiculously fast for the amount of work needed) to make sure all were removed without any further damage done to the car. Handle all insurance calls, pictures and questions. I dropped car off destroyed and picked it up as a new ride dent free. TC is the definition of a total professional. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch my vehicles from here on out.”

— Jonathan Full

“I highly, HIGHLY recommend TC at Carolina Dent Pro. Used him when I worked at Hendrick and now we’ll be going back again. He’s the best of the best and one of the only guys to trust in the Triangle area!”

— Jason Harp

“TC came out and fixed the dents in my son’s Toyota truck today. It was awesome to get such high quality work done so quickly. He was very personable and fixed it within a couple of hours. My son will love it when he get home from his military deployment. I recommend this place highly.”

— James Holland

“Best paintless dent repair ever! I’ve been using Carolina demo for several years now and no one else comes close to the quality of work they put out.”

— Joshua Skippy Brooks

“Carolina Dent Pro is the only company we trust for PDR work! They always do a fantastic job!”

— Todd M McGee

“True skilled professionals. I highly recommend Carolina Dent Pro.”

— Earl Laughinghouse

“I can’t express how happy I am with choosing Carolina Dent Pro, from the moment of getting out of my vehicle to leaving without my vehicle it has been the best service!
I bought a brand new 19’ Camry a week prior to the hail storm we had in Cary on May 31. I was pretty upset that I had a brand new car with some pretty bad dents from the nice size hail we had that measured 7cm and was about the size of a sticky note. I posted asking others for recommendations for fixing hail damage and every review I read from the recommendation I just didn’t feel at ease with leaving my brand new car with them, (mind you I’m a young woman who actually takes extremely good care of there vehicles) so after contacting insurance and having the adjuster come out and give me a quote of $4,500 worth of damage to my car I knew I really wanted someone who could make it look like a brand new car again. I did my research and most places I called they were booked out until August, I wasn’t willing to wait that long to get my car fixed. I happen to go to google and type in dent repair shops and Carolina dent pro was the first one listed with 40+ reviews and a 5 star rating I gave them a call to see how far out booked they were for hail damage repair. Brandon is who I spoke to and he took down my information and said he would have TC “owner” call me back, I received a phone call from TC within a matter of 30 minutes. He was very helpful in easing my mind about the whole situation, I scheduled the appointment to drop off my car. When I arrived to drop my vehicle off Brandon was there to greet me and take a look over my vehicle, he proceeded to show me how the process works for them to see and remove all the dents. After a few days of my car being in the shop I received a text from my insurance stating that CDP had contacted them and wanted them to come out and reevaluate the damage done, insurance had to write them another check for $1,090 so now a total of $5,100 is done to my car. I was patiently awaiting insurance to call me with the report of what else was found on the vehicle after they had put it under the lights, I never heard anything out of them and called CDP and talked with TC who had told me they came out and wrote the extra amount needed for the repairs of my vehicle. Today 2 days after my car has been at there shop I received a phone call from Brandon to inform me that they have started on my vehicle and they should have it ready by early next week! I could wait to write the review. I also never take the time to do this but I couldn’t help to express how happy I am with the service! Do your research it pays off! I plan on writing another one once I have gotten my car back! This is a well organized business who cares about there customers! Also the waiting room is very relaxing and clean !!”

— Brandi Parish

“TC does excellent work. Fixed my wife Megan’s car after a hit and run. Night and day difference.”

— Jordon Cuthrell

“First off, I’m not one to write reviews but….. I am extremely meticulous especially when it comes to my vehicles. It’s honestly to the point were I think I may need a medical analysis haha…with that being said, I drove over and hour and twenty minutes because I was told “this was the place”. TC surpassed my expectations in every way. Multiple dents were taken care of but I was very concerned with one in particular, my drivers side front fender. I even bought two new front fenders before coming to TC expecting I’d have to replace and paint the front end. I didn’t think this was going to be repairable but he surely proved me wrong and looks like it never happened. In all, I’m ecstatic and highly recommend Carolina Dent Pro. Impeccable quality of work and a pleasure to speak with.”

— Rich Fasanaro

“TC fixed the dent on my 2018 Honda CR-V in record time. I will be telling anyone, friend or foe, about TC’s professional work.”

— Linda Turner